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You Probably Didn’t Know Dachshunds Were THIS Dangerous

July 18, 2017

What with their needle-like teeth, growl and talons designed to chase and flush out Mustelidae, these hunting hounds sound more like dragons from fantasy series Game of Thrones than tiny dogs.

As small as the Dachshund is, these little guys punch well above their weight.

With regards to dangerous dog breeds, it was the turn of the German Shepherd in the 80s, the Doberman in the 90s and Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the 00s.

Could it be Wiener dogs next?

Quite possibly. Once you’ve seen our exposé, you’ll understand the real dangers these miniature monsters pose.

1. Their little faces are criminally cute.

2. And they’re dangerously counterproductive…

3. Their behaviour to keep you in bed on a Sunday morning is pretty threatening.

4. A true Wiener’s manipulative skills are through the roof. You’ll NEVER be able to say no.

5. And here we see the deadly, but rare, Lion Wiener in its natural habitat.

6. Listen to that menacing laugh….

7. And just look at that smug face.

8. Forget Jurassic Park. The Wiener dog is known to be more lethal than the Indominus Rex.

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