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Wiener Dogs: Yes – Repeal SBAC: No

June 2, 2017

By all accounts the 2017 Legislative Session is slow, unproductive, and uneventful so far.  There are surprisingly few bills introduced to this point, there are only 184 bills in the House and 101 in the Senate–but that can be a good thing.  It appears most of these bills are stalled already.  Many committee meetings are cancelled and others only have a few bills on the agenda.

In addition to so few bills being introduced, many of the introduced ones are being held in committee chairman drawers.  There is “tradition” in the capitol where legislation is either moved along or held by committee chairmen.  They exercise dictatorial control of committees and what bills get heard.  This undoes the representative government process and it silences voices of many Idahoans whose legislation gets stopped without a public hearing.

It is a frustrating reality.  Those in power argue that this is good government because it protects legislators from “uncomfortable” votes.  They also argue about how we don’t waste time on unworthy bills.  They claim efficiency.  But, I can’t help but notice the abuse of power in many instances.  Many good bills are stopped and many bad bills are advanced. The legislative process gets distorted and misused.

Let’s look at the fruits of the process the past few years.  Here is what gets stopped: two bills to protect gun rights, repeal Common Core, repeal the SBAC test, repeal the state health insurance exchange, reduce income taxes, fund roads with existing revenues, limits on wasteful spending, homeowner rights, electronic public notice, school choice, and the list goes on.

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