‘Wiener dogs’ have their day in Carrboro

February 27, 2018

Lily had never been in this situation before, but clearly she knew exactly what to do.

At the shout “Go!” she lunged at the bowl and, in little more than the blink of an eye, had gobbled down four chunks of hot dog and stood looking on at the competitors she had beaten in the Bobbing for Wieners contest at Wiener Dog Day on Sunday afternoon.

Wiener Dog Day is an annual benefit for Dachshund Rescue of North America, and Sunday’s event on the Weaver Street Market lawn brought out a crowd of dachshunds, dachshund owners, dachshund fanciers and interested onlookers despite the damp and chilly weather.

No one took an official count of dachshunds in attendance, and although event volunteer Linda Kapcar said numbers were down compared with other years, Raleigh dachshund owners Giana Malak and John Barnes estimated there were 35 to 40 “pretty easily.”

There were brown wiener dogs and black wiener dogs, tan and a wealth of mixes. There were smooth coats, longhairs and wire-hairs, most sporting jackets against the weather and quite a number dressed for the costume contest.

Brooke Washabaugh from Cary and her dog, Marileau, both came wearing angel wings.

“We just thought we’d get dressed up,” Washabaugh said. “I just call her my angel dog.”

Event’s goal is rescue

Proceeds from Wiener Dog Day go to a fund that pays medical expenses for dachshunds in foster care after being rescued from animal shelters, puppy mills and owners who for one reason or another cannot keep them, Stephens said.

Stephens, the North Carolina representative for Dachshund Rescue, brought along a dachshund she is fostering, Mandy, who wore a coat that said, “I’m available. Adopt me from DNRA.”

A donation jar was out, but most of the fundraising came from raffling off three baskets of dog-related items – rawhide chews, brushless toothpaste, Rescue Remedy (“a natural stress relief”), children’s books with titles such as “10 Little Hot Dogs” and “Pet Trouble: Dachshund Disaster.”

“They are big dogs in a little dog’s body,” said Ana Carla Smith of Durham. She and her husband, Daniel, foster dachshunds through a volunteer network in the Triangle.

“They have lots and lots of personality and they’re very good looking,” Smith said. “Who can look at a dachshund and not smile? They’re sweet – sweet and spunky.”

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