Wiener dog winner has another boom year

On the hallowed grounds of the 400 block of Pendleton’s Main Street, the 11th annual Dogtona 400 crowned Boomer its wiener dog race king Friday.

It was Boomer’s second straight win in Pendleton following two straight years of coming in second place.

The representative of the previous wiener dog dynasty — Miss Fatty Patty — did not participate.

“We make a big deal about it, but it’s all for fun,” Boomer’s owner Joe Daniels said as a young fan petted the champion.

This year’s Dogtona 400 consistently redefined what it means to be a champion.

Could a pug dressed in a red, white and blue cowgirl costume compete with two other pugs allowed a mid-competition costume change?

Could a man set a personal record of eating four hot dogs while keeping the contents from re-emerging?

And could dogs endowed with features that make them arguably the least conducive breed for racing cross the finish line without getting distracted?

The answer to all those questions was a resounding yes, as the doggy costume contest (won by Sophie) and hot dog eating contest (won by Travis Williams) preceded the fastest two-and-a-half seconds in sports — the wiener dog race.

The races were closely monitored (one of the heats was repeated after the results were contested), but in the end, it was Boomer of Kennewick who repeated for the title.

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