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Wiener-Dog; Tickled; Wiener

Some of those of an older generation have, I’ve observed, noted how modern cinema is rubbish. It’s all crashes and bangs, perhaps best epitomized by the success of superhero movies. And while yes, I thought Captain America: Civil War was stunningly overrated and ultimately a kind of brain torture, I also think it’s a belief that doesn’t bear scrutiny. There are plenty of immersive, engaging films that get made every year. A lot of them are indie, and most of them are unsuitable for the international teenage market (a market I respect, don’t get me wrong), and therefore unlikely to merit a major advertising campaign. Great films are passing by every month, you just have to keep an eye on the kind of cinemas like Filmhouseand Cameo that show them.

Indeed, at Cameo cinema at the moment, is Wiener Dog, about a succession of flawed families and individuals and their temporary custody of a small sausage dog. The ending is not predictable, and it’s a film which shines a light on peoples’ quirkiness, lack of fulfilment, and inability to nurture themselves, much less a cute, unassuming animal. It also has Danny DeVito, who – as always – is fabulous. The whole cast, to be fair, delivers. Somewhere amid all the garish dysfunctionality are also a few dabs of light to take back home with you.

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