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Wiener dog dominates at dog beach

I had a quite serious pet blog topic to write about but I also met a funny little dog this weekend who I felt deserved his 15 minutes of fame. I consulted with my 14 year old son who said “Mom…your stuff is normally quite serious so you need to switch it up a bit”. So here goes!  I went out with four friends and five rambunctious dogs on Sunday to the Islands around Ponce Inlet to blow off some cobwebs and let the dogs run free.   Suddenly over the horizon a brazen little wiener dog trotted up to us sporting a dead snake (or eel?), closely followed by his owner!

His owner informed us that this little guy can be pretty feisty and that he had tried to recovery the dead snake several times but to no avail.  Our party of five dogs were very intrigued by this newcomer and also tried to recovery the snake but none were gutsy enough to get the job done!

The more anyone tries to recover the snake, including the owner, the more wild the little wiener dog gets with the snake!  Now he means business!

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