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What Dogs Work with a Mini Dachshund?


The miniature dachshund is a small dog with a big personality. It will get along with other dogs as long as it has been socialized from an early age and is given proper leadership. The dachshund is also an active breed that requires a daily walk and enjoys digging. It can be impatient with children. If you are looking for a suitable companion dog for your dachshund, introduce the dogs on neutral territory to see how they get along before you agree to take home your new addition.

A miniature, toy or standard dachshund can make an ideal companion for your dog. These dogs will enjoy playing together as the dachshund is very energetic and lively indoors. Show both dogs proper leadership by setting rules and boundaries, to ensure that neither dachshund develops negative behaviors, such as growling and snapping.

The Pomeranian is small, long-haired dog breed that can make an ideal companion for a miniature dachshund. The breed has a high energy level, making it a perfect partner for the active dachshund. Like the dachshund, it is also an independent thinker and requires firm leadership. The Pomeranian gets along well with other dogs and is also known for having an affectionate, friendly temperament, according to the Dog Breed Info Center.

Basset Hound
The basset hound is a big-boned dog. Like the dachshund it is long-bodied with short legs. This breed has a docile, sweet-natured temperament, although like the dachshund it can be determined, especially when following a scent. The basset can be a calming influence for your mini dachshund, while it is also tough enough to withstand the dachshund’s rough play. Like the dachshund it will do OK without a backyard, although it does require a daily walk to stay healthy.

Parson Russell Terrier
The Parson Russell terrier will appeal to your dachshund’s terrier-like qualities, although this breed is only suitable for experienced dog owners. This breed is loving and has a merry disposition, although it is extremely active and requires lots of exercise to allow it to drain its excess energy. If the Parson Russell is not exercised enough it will become destructive. Like the dachshund, this dog also requires firm leadership and training.