Weiner Dogs Can Hike Too!

I love the outdoors so I started bringing little Chester hiking with me when he was a puppy. I was absolutely amazed at how well he did and how much he loved it. I didn’t expect a little dog to be capable of a significant hike. I started taking him on steeper, longer hikes and he was always up for the challenge. Thus began our ten year hiking career.

A few years ago I met my now fiancé. He wasn’t sure what to think about a girl who owned one of those “little dogs” but was immediately blown away at how great of a hiker Chester was. Together, we adopted our second miniature Dachshund, Gretel, last year. We figured it was sink or swim to fit in with this family so the first hike we took her on was four miles uphill in the snow. She took to it like a fish to water and she has been an avid hiker ever since.

To us, hiking with miniature Dachshunds, or small dogs in general, is normal, but I am reminded all of the time how impossible it seems to some people.“How did they get up here?” “Did you carry them?” “How can those short legs carry them up the mountain?” “You mean that little guy can actually keep up?” Each time we hear those questions, we have to assure people that, “Yes, they really DID make it up here by themselves,” “Yes, they out hike us the whole way up the mountain.”

We’re not the only ones who get that reaction, of course. I just finished reading a book called Following Atticus about a miniature Schnauzer and his person, Tom Ryan. They climbed all 48 4,000-foot peaks of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and Atticus encountered a lot of disbelief out on the trails.

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