Thinking About Rescuing a Dachshund? Things You Might Want to Know

I’m not really sure why I decided to adopt a dachshund. I never had one before. They are irresistibly cute, right? I searched on Pet Finder online. I looked at dozens of potential adoptees, reading all of the profile information. It sounded like they all have such a wonderful temperament. Profile after profile remarked on what cuddle bunnies they all are, and how they just can’t get close enough to you.

I think all those wonderful things are true, but I should have read that Dachshunds for Dummies book before I got so headstrong about rescuing a dachshund. I could have done more research, and maybe I would have known that doxies are in the top five of dog breeds that bite. Even better, maybe I would have learned how prevalent back issues are, even if “you do everything right”.

So I am in the beginner phase of “all things dachshund”, but have already learned some important lessons. Some things I learned before I adopted my doxie, and some things since.

Dachshunds are Burrowers and Diggers

Dachshunds were bred as badger hounds, and would thrust themselves into tunnel holes in the ground to flush out badgers.

Most dachshund owners will tell you that their doxie likes to burrow under covers. Mine likes to burrow under pillows as well. He likes a bed with a pillow, then another pillow and blanket on top so he can burrow between the two pillows. I bought him a cave bed, and he didn’t touch it for maybe 10 months. I was ready to give it away, but put it next to my feet at the couch one day, and he just crawled in. Now he loves it, and doesn’t come out for hours. I would say the burrowing is a pretty endearing trait.

Dachshunds also have a reputation as diggers, which would not be so endearing. Before I brought Sebastian home, I hired a friend to put up chicken wire around my fence so he could not dig under. You just dig a six to ten inch trench right next to the fence line. Then bury the chicken wire, covering it over as you go, and staple the remaining to the fence. I think I got 24” wide chicken wire.

For Sebastian, it seems the chicken wire was not necessary. I’ve seen him scratch in the dirt from time to time, but he’s never done any serious digging.

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