August 20, 2017

Although it’s perhaps seemed like things have been quiet with me on the surface recently, there’s been a lot going on! For one thing, Mum and Dad just started a beehive, officially making me a “backyard beekeeper”; another esteemed credential for my already mountainous resume. Not only that, but I just announced that I officially have a SECOND BOOK coming out! I recently asked all of you – the fans, to contribute ideas for what the direction of the second book should be, so I’m announcing the theme of book #2 lower down in this post!

But first, let’s find out what all this buzz has been about.

When I heard Mum and Dad wanted to start a beehive, I wasn’t so sure. I’ve seen plenty dogs on the internet who ended up looking like a chipmunk because of a sting or two. However, Mum and Dad promised me they would take the utmost care in ensuring my safety, even if it meant taking a bulletsting for me. And so, I decided to allow it.

In fact, I figured I might as well give them some practice if they’re going to do this right.

I decided to help them the best way I knew how – I cut up some of Mum and Dad’s towels around the house to make myself a bee costume, and told Dad I’d perform a “run-through”.

Let’s take a look at how it went here.

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