August 15, 2017

Continuing from where I left off in Part 1, Oakley and I were having a blast down in the Smoky Mountains, but Oakley especially – having never ventured this far from his home, was finding the exotic humidity and heat to be a little overwhelming at times.

Which is why the first thing we did when we started on our next walk was jump into the stream!

But what was special about this walk was that we were doing it with our new friend Taylor, who won my contest to spend an afternoon with me!

So she got to hold my leash and everything as we explored through the Smoky Mountain forests! How special is that! 😉

And she got to take all the selfies she wanted with me along the way!

After the walk through the park, we headed over to the little village of Gatlinburg, where we meandered through the cute cobblestone walkways, posed on the steps of water fountains, and gandered at all the shops.

That is, until Oakley spotted one shop in particular.

“Ohh!” he exclaimed sharply. “Is that… is that a donut store?!

Indeed it was. A renowned little spot, too, by the name of The Donat Friar. Taylor, being the kind and thoughtful lady she is, offered to go buy Oakley a donut. I tried to insist that Oakley really did not need a donut and that if any snack were in order at all he should have a banana or something, but alas, it was too late. Before I could finish my spiel she was already inside, and Oakley was eagerly waiting outside the door.

Oakley was overjoyed when Taylor handed him the donut.

“Since Crusoe wouldn’t let you pack any donuts for the trip…” she began. “Now you have one. Enjoy!”

And boy did he enjoy it!

Oakley’s mom said he could only have a few bites though, since a whole donut is too much. So of course he decided to take as big bites as possible...

Seeing my brother gobble a donut kind of made me crave a treat though, so, when Taylor came back with a cup of ice cream, we gratuitously offered to share it with her.

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