Poland’s Favourite Dogs and their Annual Parade through Kraków

Every autumn since 1994, Kraków has hosted the Dachshund Parade (“Marsz Jamników”), a super-cute event featuring hundreds of costumed sausage dogs from all over the world. But just why do Poles love wiener dogs so much?

The 21st Dachshund Parade takes place on 13th September 2015, from 10:00 to 14:00, starting at the entrance of the Kraków Barbican and ending at the Rynek Główny.  It is no coincidence that this yearly honour is bestowed on this particular breed; Poles have always had a soft spot for the short-legged hounds.

A Famous Icon

This year’s theme is “Jamnik & I – The Ideal Pair!” Especially for this year, Radio Kraków, the long-time organiser of the event, is also hosting a competition before the actual march on Sunday 13th September.

Jamnik is the Polish word for the wiener dog (or sausage dog to the Brits), most commonly known as the German dachshund. Bred for the German royal houses to hunt badgers, rabbits, and foxes from the 15th century onward, the dachshund later became a celebrated icon. From Waldi, the dachshund of the 1972 Munich Olympics, to Pablo Picasso’s Lump, Andy Warhol’s Archie, John F. Kennedy’s Dunker, or even Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, a current Internet phenomenon, the wiener dog has always been a fashionable pet in numerous cultures.

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