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Guest Bloggger Stephanie Hulse: Where Was Your Wiener This Weekend?

March 16, 2018

Greetings from Austin, Texas!  My name is Stephanie Hulse and I am one of the Inside Sales Representatives here at Planet Dog.  When my husband, Jarett, and I relocated to Texas a few months ago we weighed the pros and cons of each city. We chose Austin. It wasn’t an easy decision, but Austin’s proximity to Buda, aka the Weiner Dog Capital of Texas, definitely played its part. Needless to say we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the most exciting event of the year this past weekend – the 14th Annual Buda, TX Wiener Dog Races.

That’s right! It’s a race – just for DACHSHUNDS! Someone looked at these silly dogs, with their long bodies and stubbly little legs and thought “what would happen if I made this little guy race against its brothers and sisters?”  The rest is history…and hilarious.

This year’s theme was “Alice in Weinerland” and the weekend was complete with a costume contest, parade and every dachshund themed vendor you could possibly imagine.  Jarett and I met hundreds of doxies and their people, many of the pups in colorful Alice in Wonderland themed costumes. Johnny Depp is no match for a dachshund in a Mad Hatter costumer. Nobody is as dedicated to fun as the group that gathers to celebrate the funniest dogs on earth. It was like Shangri-La, if Shangri-La was filled with strange looking hound dogs designed to dig holes.

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