The Breed

The Dachshund, colloquially known as the “Wiener Dog,” gets his long body from his job-specific breeding.  Dachshunds would hunt badgers by digging for them, and the elongated shape gave him extra digging power.  Today most Dachshunds stay away from gory badger fights, and prefer to spend their days as loving and playful family companions.  They still have their hunting instincts intact, however, and some dogs may require supervision with small children.

Dachshund Dog Collars

A Dachshund is small and gentle enough that almost any kind of collar will do, so matching the collar to your dog’s personality is what’s most important here.  This somewhat clownish breed looks best in classic, low profile styles like leathers and muted fabrics, but if your Dachshund lives to wear the bling, go for it!  The breed’s average neck size is 16” – 20”, which is on the larger side for such a small dog.  You don’t want to underestimate your Dachshund’s neck measurement, so be sure to double check.  See the Casual Chic and Classic Leather categories for Dachshund collar ideas.

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