About the Dachshund Dog Breed

Dachshund, heard as Dockson, is a dog breed known for its short legs and long body. Perhaps you have met someone with a Dachshund dog breed. And quite possibly, his name was Frank or Oscar. And perhaps you were told that this dog is a wiener dog.

Like the word ‘wiener’, the Dachshund dog breed (and the word ‘Dachshund’) is German in origin. The Dachshund dog breed was originally bred to flush badgers from there dens. The Dachshund would dig into the burrows of badgers or other small game, corner it, kill it, and drag it out. In early German history (16th century and later) the Dachshund dog breed was known as the Little Burrow Dog, Dacksel, or Badger Dog. In fact, ‘dachs’ means ‘badger’ in German. And ‘hund’ means dog. Today, while we call it a Dachshund, Germany calls it a Teckel.

Besides having terrier-like traits, the Dachshund dog breed can also be playful, affectionate, good with children, a good watchdog, and a great housedog. While the Dachshund dog breed is all about fun, they generally don’t like strangers and are usually a one-family kind of dog. Some have a tendency to bark. And like a lot of small breed dogs, the Dachshund dog breed can have that ‘big dog’ mentality and have no fear when it comes to telling larger dogs who’s the boss.

The eagerness and persistence of the Dachshund dog breed to hunt and kill game often makes people think the Dachshund is a terrier breed. Like terriers, the Dachshund dog breed is bold and courageous, self-willed, tenacious, and energetic. However, the Dachshund dog breed is not considered a terrier by the American Kennel Club (AKC). And despite their rather small size, they are not considered a toy dog breed either. The Dachshund dog breed is in the AKC Hound Dog breed category.

While the Dachshund dog breed can have a high energy level, a short daily walk and/or focused play time is all they need. Lack of playtime, walks, and attention can lead to destructive behavior such as digging and chewing. Both digging and chewing are part of their genetic disposition to dig for prey and ‘kill’ things by chewing them to pieces. Even with plenty of exercise, careful training may be needed to help prevent or redirect such destructive behavior.

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