19 Things Only Dachshund Parents Understand

There are dogs… and then there are Dachshunds. Doxies. Wiener dogs. Sausages. You name it–they’re long and they’re hilarious 99% of the time.

They look weird, and they act even weirder. And some (if not most) of the things they do just can’t be explained other than with a shrug and the words, “It’s a doxie thing.”

If you’ve got one, you know exactly what I mean–here’s 19 reasons for proof.

1. The mutherpuppers don’t shut up.

Maybe the length of their bodies stretches their vocabulary too. I’ve heard some noises come out of my Doxie I didn’t think existed on the spectrum of sound.

2. Say goodbye to your neatly kept lawn. Or houseplant. Or cushions. It’s all earth to them.

Have paws. Will dig. That’s the Doxie motto.

3. They have a whole song devoted to them.

And sometimes, you croon it to them as a lullaby.

4. There is always the word “selective” in front of “listening.”

Command a dachshund? HA.

5. You have to constantly check blankets. Sweaters. Under cushions.

Because those wriggly little suckers burrow like no tomorrow.

6. Those little legs are surprisingly fast.

Turbo wiener!

7. For a bunch of stubby legged sausages…

They can JUMP.

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