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10 Wiener Dogs Dressed as Wieners for Hot Dog Day

May 23, 2017

What could possibly be more glee-inducing than combining two American past times: man’s best friend and one of America’s most beloved foods? Especially on Hot Dog Day!

Don’t be fooled by these weenies posing as your favorite summer food—these hot dogs are the real deal. More ketchup and mustard-laden dachshunds, comin’ right up!

A Dog on a Mission

“Agent Dog—Hot Dog—reporting for duty.”

Picnic Ready

This photo-ready pooch is all about your annual bbq in the park—just look at the earnest expression on his face. Pass the cheese please!

National Treasure

Stoic and dripping with condiments, this decked out dead ringer knows the key to your heart is just a little relish on top of your frankfurter.

Hot Diggity Dog

With poise that puts all the other snacks at the bbq to shame, this dashing dachshund won’t drip ketchup on you.

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